Step Child Adoption

Wednesday, 14 February 2018 13:09

Step child adoption is pretty special in Indonesia. Not only because this is happening within a marriage, but this is also about sharing the custody of a child between you as the step  parent and your spouse as the custody holder. It should not remove your spouse’s custody right and put it on you as the step parent. It’s more like making your spouse shares the wonder of being a parent with you as if the child was born within your marriage. Both of you will be sharing parental wonders of life changing experience in virtue of a court decree. 

Adopting your step child in Indonesia is a special adoption proceedings because it takes place within a marriage between Step Parent and Biological Parent. Adopting your spouse’s child, sometimes referred to as a step child adoption, or step parent adoption,  can make your family feel connected. When a step parent adopts his spouse’s child, he becomes responsible for the child both legally and financially in addition to forming emotional bond.

You need to be very careful with your application. There are many aspects in relation with the step child adoption in Indonesia, including delicate issues like inheritance, etc. You need to have an experienced legal representation with solid legal memorandum.  It looks easy, but it's slippery. The proceedings might end-up with failure without any substantial knowledge and experience in handling similar cases. If the court were to reject your petition of step-child adoption, you need to get it appealed to the higher court, which makes it even more difficult.

Wijaya & Co has succeeded in many proceedings of step child adoption cases in Indonesia, both for Indonesian couples, and IndDivorce Laonesian mixed-marriage couples. Our Indonesia lawyers have presented the similar cases with confident supported by hand-picked legal grounds, successful case precedence to help the court examine your case, witnesses briefed to support the case, and strong legal opinion of why your family needs to have the case a success.

Consider the following issues in order to establish legal relationship between you and your step child with the adoption proceeding carried-out by our firm:

  1. Experienced family law attorneys;
  2. High success rates in previous similar cases handled by our attorneys that will also contribute to your success;
  3. Conclusive legal binding.

Call or email us in getting your family intact both emotionally and legally with the assistance of dedicated family law practitioners in Indonesia.

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